HW Educator Community

A quick guide to get started with Microsoft Teams.

The goal of this Community is to encourage a deeper sense of connection to your colleagues, and provide easier access to resources and support. The use of Teams as a digital community can enrich your connection to the university by providing a modern, intuitive space to collaborate on team projects and research, ask instructional and research support questions, and connect with other faculty.

Getting Started

  1. Install Microsoft Teams.
  2. Open Teams and select "Join a team with a code"
  3. Use this join code in Teams: 46k2ba3

Please take a moment to review our quick start guide on how to install and sign in to Microsoft Teams. Don't see the Homewood Educator Community Team? Submit a support ticket.

Homewood Educator Community Guidelines

We want the Homewood Educator Community to be an authentic and safe space for inquiry and connection. Help us foster this community. Respect everyone in the community, don't insult or harass people, and avoid posting conversations from the community on external forums.

Communication Guidelines

  • Be clear and professional.
  • Make your post simple to understand.
  • Avoid profanity and hateful speech.

Behavioral Guidelines

  • Be kind.
  • Avoid marketing appeals.
  • Do not harass or threaten.

Channel Guidelines

  • Be responsible with your @ mentions.
  • Use threaded conversations.
  • Post content relevant to the channel.


The Homewood Educator Community was created in Microsoft Teams. Teams is built to be a user-friendly tool, and we have curated a selection of training resources for you to explore, if needed:.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Watch a quick introductory video on the basics of Microsoft Teams.

Getting Started with Teams

Want to know how you can use Teams in your class or project? We put together a guide to help.


For questions or issues related to the use of Microsoft Teams at Johns Hopkins, please submit a help desk ticket.